New England
               Terrier Club

The New England Terrier Club was founded in 1969
as a non-profit organization by breeder/exhibitors of
most of the terrier breeds recognized by the AKC.  Its
first meetings were held in the Greater Boston area
but the membership quickly included serious terrier
breeders from throughout the 6 state area.  The
membership remains approximately 85 people.  Most
of its activities are held in Mass.  
Its purpose is the development and promotion of interest in
pure-bred terriers through education, encouragement of
breeding and training, fostering of shows, exhibits and
matches, developing and displaying all the capabilities of
terriers and dissemination of knowledge and information to
the general public, and, within the extent of its means and
abilities, the support of any programs of policies which
advance these aims and are for the best interest of
members, owners and breeders of pure-bred terriers.  Our
original intention was to become an AKC group club before
the AKC approved those.  Once we began doing things “our
way”, the members voted on several occasions not to
associate with AKC.   One of several reasons included then
AKC restrictions on our broad geographical base which
would have resulted in excluding many of our members.  
However, at present, the Board is investigating joining the

We hold 6 events during the year.  Over the years our
activities have included offering competition in Conformation,
Obedience, Earthdog and more recently Agility and Rally.  We
have had seminars on breeding, whelping, raising puppies,
evaluation of breeds, various health and aging topics, dog art
and collectibles,   what to wear in the show ring and handling
classes for the breed ring.    
NETC Club History
Pictures from our recent NETC Fun Day,  
held April 26 in Plainville, where we held a
lure coursing for the first time.  It was a lot of
fun and the dogs certainly enjoyed it, as did
the spectators.
President Donna Masson welcoming
everyone to the Fun Day